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Organic Cheek Tint

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This organic lip and cheek tint is the perfect multi-use product. It doubles as both a blush and lip tint. Its gel based formula offers a healthy, nourishing color. Made with the highest pigmentation you will find in any natural lip and cheek tint. Long Wearing & Non-Greasy.

Betty's Bold Beige
Rockin Angel Pink
Sandy's Tawny Brown
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Pro Makeup Tip – I love to take this organic lip and cheek tint and mix two together to create a custom shade. I encourage you to do the same to discover the shade that’s just right for you.

This is one multi tasking product that will answer to any name – Cheek Tint, Lip + Cheek, Lip Stain, Cheek Stain or even Blush! Whatever name you decide to call it, it’s one of the most incredible products in the beauty industry. The formula is what makes it so unique. It’s soft, gel based, never greasy and lasts all day. It’s truly a wonder product. To make it even more fabulous, it can be used as a lip color for the ultimate 2 in 1 product. Available in 4 universally flattering shades.

Organic Lip & Cheek Tint

Every single day, I blend Betty’s Bold Beige on top of my cheek tint shade. It adds an instant subtle glow that is as pretty as it gets! This is one product that hits a home run every time. You get a glow that’s subtle and feels like natural skin. I apply this with a foundation brush right in the heart of the cheek, directly under the eye. This is where the cheek naturally flushes.

You can blend with your fingers if you like. For more options, add our beautiful Sublime Luminizer. Eclipse will add a rose gold glow and Orbit will add a pearl luminescence. These are great for mixing into the cheek color and for blending into the eye lid. For the best application on the eye, always use a small brush and blend well. If it’s powder you prefer, then add our Starlight highlighter. With a tapered brush, glide it right along the top of the cheekbone and blend into the cheek tint.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in
Cheek Tint Shade

Betty's Bold Beige, Rockin Angel Pink, Sandy's Tawny Brown

32 reviews for Organic Cheek Tint

  1. Michelle D. (verified owner)

    I recently tried Betty’s bold beige. I have pale skin with pink undertones and the bold beige didn’t do much for me. It’s an extremely light shimmer. I have to apply another product over the top. It looks pretty good as an addition to another color but alone it doesn’t even show up on my cheeks. I really like how light it feels and I will be trying another shade.

  2. A.Edwards (verified owner)

    The first thing that drew me to this product, and this company in general, was its ingredients. I care very much about what goes on my skin, and I feel guilt free about wearing this makeup. Love the Rockin Angel Pink color and how it gives me a rosy, flushed cheek look in a subtle way (I am a black woman with medium brown skin, for reference). It’s a bit chalkier than I thought it would be. I expected something more creamy. But I still like it very much and will be wearing it regularly. I may even try another color.

  3. Tamara P. (verified owner)

    Not what I was looking for, but not a bad product. The finish is powdery, instead of dewy. There is some shimmer, which I was not expecting. It also goes on more brick reddish than mauve/purpleish. if that’s what you are looking for, you’ll like it!

  4. Susan P. (verified owner)

    This formulation is genius. It is light, non-greasy, easy to blend, and becomes your skin in the most natural way. I bought Dolly’s Dusty Plum and Rockin’ Angel Pink, both perfect for my cooler skin tone. There is the slightest subtle radiance too. I am thrilled beyond all expectation. To all the other greasy coconut oil blushes-away with you!

  5. Laurence B. (verified owner)

    I love the color: Rockin Angel Pink, but I am very disappointed with the texture!

    It is very dry, like it is too old, difficult to apply on the cheek as well as on the lips.

    I expected something creamier…

  6. Jordyn S. (verified owner)

    LOVE this cheek color! I prefer this to powder blush, and it goes on smoothly without being greasy. The color stays and it’s easy to blend.

  7. T. Colarusso (verified owner)

    Another perfect color by HD!! This goes on lightly, not heavy or gooey like some other cheek tints I’ve tried, and I look like I just popped in from a brisk walk – that fresh, healthy look you get after getting some fresh air and taking in a little bit of nature to reset your attitude.

  8. Cheryl D. (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have used blush that comes in a tube. I was worried I would have streaks on my cheeks. It didn’t happen. The color is soft and subtle. I applied it both with a brush and with my fingers. Both ways work just fine. I am finding that moving away from powdered makeup products is definitely reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I am very happy with my lip and cheek tint!

  9. Suzana G. (verified owner)

    So easy to apply, looks beautiful and natural

  10. Megan B. (verified owner)

    Angel pink is a pretty color, not too bright

  11. Jan W. (verified owner)

    Sheer and a just a natural hint of color.

  12. Sharon M. (verified owner)

    Very easy to blend and adds a perfect pop of color that lasts!

  13. Kim O. (verified owner)

    Rockin’ Angle Pink! Yes, subtle and a flush of color that easily blends + builds. Absolutely no issues with my sensitive skin. I think the size is perfect – use, carry, re-purchase…okay, I will!

  14. Jessica D. (verified owner)

    Great product

  15. Danielle P. (verified owner)

    sheer and pretty.

  16. Lori P. (verified owner)

    Very pretty color, but the product is really small for the price.

  17. Shelley H. (verified owner)

    I had a hard time deciding on which shade of this cheek color to buy. I had watched a YouTube video that showed how easily it went on and that made me want to try it. I want to say here that I’m no makeup artist. My daughter makes little jokes about how I put on eye shadow that suggest I have more gusto than finesse. I have found cheek color to be especially problematic. Where does it go? It seems to end up places I didn’t intend for it to be. Anyway, it’s hard to tell what color you’re getting with products when screen monitors are so variable. I like something a bit peachy and decided to try the ‘Sandy Brown’ shade. It turned out to be really lovely. It does go on so easily and blend so nicely that I don’t even have to think about it. I plan to try the ‘Rockin Pink’ next. Maybe blend the two. I haven’t really used it as a lip color. It goes on very sheer. As a cheek color, it’s wonderful!

  18. Angelica L. (verified owner)

    Love the dual use and the little container for easy carrying

  19. Victoria M. (verified owner)


  20. Cecile C. (verified owner)

    Too expensive! Too small not worth the price.

  21. Jill D. (verified owner)

    Perfect and easy to apply

  22. Rachael G. (verified owner)

    Breaks out my cheeks in small white pimples, never experienced this before they last about 3 days after use.

  23. Denise W. (verified owner)

    I absolutely am in love with the lip + cheek! It melts into your skin and smells divine!

  24. Chrystal H. (verified owner)

    The product came fast, it was much smaller then I anticipated. Overall nice doing business with you!

  25. Diana B. (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and doesn’t cause blemishes.

  26. Brittney S. (verified owner)

    My second helping of this stuff, love it!

  27. Kaila A. (verified owner)

    Love the color

  28. Denise F. (verified owner)

    Love the color of this light tint. It is just that. A tint that make your lips shine through so you see your lips with just a pretty lightnening effect :)) Feels nice on your lips. :))

  29. Rani H. (verified owner)

    I just purchased the stick bc my long time blush would always crack toward the end of use and make a mess in the compact. I was concerned I couldn’t apply it correctly without a blush brush. However it glides on so smoothly and is very easy to blend with your fingers. It creates the perfect sheen for me. I love that I can add it right to my lips for the overall natural glow look and one less thing to carry!

  30. Patricia Nelson (verified owner)

  31. Stephanie B. (verified owner)

    Love the healthy glow that my lip and cheek tint gives me! Brightens up my face without looking overdone, showing off me with a glow.. amazing!

  32. Alexandra S. (verified owner)

    This cheek tint is exactly what I needed to freshen and refresh my make up during the day! I feel healthy and glowing after applied. Not to mention the packaging, so compact sleek

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