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Organic Liquid Foundation

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Not all organic foundation is created equal. Our liquid foundation is luxurious & lightweight. It’s aloe based, nontoxic formula gives you flexible coverage that looks clean and flawless. Great for all skin types. Won’t clog pores. Best when used with a brush or sponge.

Bare With Me
Toasted Almond
Goldie Fawn
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This organic liquid foundation has set itself apart from the competition since day one. Its formula is so gentle for all skin types. It’s amazing scent is made from farm fresh vanilla beans.

I always suggest priming your skin before ever applying any foundation. Our hydrating serum  is both a moisturizer and primer in one and will help to prepare your skin before application. This will allow your foundation to glide on smoothly and wear longer throughout he day.

Try and use a flat, tapered foundation brush allows you to easily apply it in sheer layers so you get just the right amount of coverage you need. Start in the center of your face and gently blend out from there.

Pro Tip – Set with a little powder for a durable soft finish that looks like bare skin only better! Also, using brushes really helps to conserve on products too. We truly hope you’ll enjoy our organic liquid foundation. This formula is so lightweight and gives you the ability to build upon.

As professional makeup artist I have worked with hundreds of different foundations and that experience helped me to formulate what I feel is the very finest clean foundation on the market. I highly suggest trying samples first and getting acquainted with our liquid foundation to help you determine if Hush + Dotti is a good fit for your needs.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in
Liquid Foundation Shade

Fair Maiden, What The Buff, Beige Against Machine, Bare With Me, Toasted Almond, Amber'ish, Goldie Fawn

68 reviews for Organic Liquid Foundation

  1. Kristine T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this foundation. I am so excited! I am NOT a make up person, but each morning I actually want to put this on my skin. Soft, blends easy and well, and stays ALL day. So much easier on my skin, even with uneven skin tones and rosacea. SO worth the price!

  2. Ekaterina A. (verified owner)

    It is great foundation. It was lil tough to choose the proper tone of it, samples helped me a lot! I have two shades, one for winter and the other is more tanned for summer, I mix them between seasons. It has light coverage, so you dont have to use powder after it. I still do lil bit, but as I said it is not needed.

  3. Chelsea M. (verified owner)

    Love Love Love!!

    This foundation is absolutely perfect. Lightweight, doesn’t break me out, no junkie ingredients… is really great! It is a lighter coverage and I have not been able to find a setting powder – including Hush – that seems to sit right on top without causing a textural change. I use it without a powder and like it. (;

  4. Michelle D. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this foundation for a couple years now. I tried samples before I purchased the full size. I go with the “bare with me” shade. I have pale skin with pink undertones. This liquid foundation blends well and feels very lightweight for everyday wear. Very natural looking.

  5. Jan P. (verified owner)

    This is my second order of the liquid foundation. I have sensitive skin, some redness and in my 60’s. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup. I have tried many organic foundations and this is the only one that I can use that looks like my skin and seems to sink in and gives a natural, no makeup look. I wear light to medium makeup. I have no reaction from the makeup either. It seems to make my skin look healthier. I highly recommend.

  6. Cricket H.

    After ordering two samples, I purchased Fair Maiden 1.0 and to say I LOVE IT is an understatement. The foundation bottle itself is tinted so when I opened it from the box I thought that the foundation was darker than the sample I received. That wasn’t the case though and it matched my skin perfectly. I had one issue and wrote the company on a Sunday evening. Within an hour I received an email back from one of the Co-founders who was really helpful and handled my issue immediately with grace. I am so impressed with their customer service!!!

    The product itself is great! It has a nice smell, almost a sweet smell. It feels good on my skin. It isn’t really thick but it is thicker than some of my other foundations. It doesn’t spread on as easily but I am just getting used to its differences.

    AND…..its ORGANIC!!! Huge bonus!

  7. Jacqueline H. (verified owner)

    Love this foundation! It is lightweight (a bit tinted moisturizer-like), buildable, and feels fresh and natural. I highly recommend ordering the samples before committing to a shade; that’s how I found my PERFECT match, Fair Maiden. I have acne-prone skin, and this causes no irritation or breakouts on me.

  8. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

    The only foundation brand I wear! I have very pale skin with cool undertones and Fair Maiden is a great match for my face, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to blend well on my neck. The formula is so smooth, smells great, and buildable. I have dry skin on my forehead and cheeks so this goes on better with a primer but still wonderful without primer if you’re in a hurry. It’s also a good size bottle for the price paid.

  9. Karen R. (verified owner)

    I had been wearing a Giorgio Armani foundation for years which matched my skin pretty well. However, What The Buff liquid foundation matches EXACTLY and I just ordered two more bottles. I’ve been using the Cleansing Balm and Dream Drops for a couple of years and like these products. It sounds silly but I like to rub a little balm on my feet before putting on wool socks in the winter.

  10. Susan H. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this liquid foundation!

  11. Daidre C. (verified owner)

    This is a BOMB foundation! I use the shade fair maiden and it’s perfect for my ivory/pale skin tone. The foundation looks wack in the bottle- it looked too dark and green. However, it doesn’t look like that once you start blending. I used a sponge to apply the foundation and fell in love with the formula. It is smooth, pleasantly scented, and leaves a dewy/natural look.

    It also has buildable coverage and layers on without looking cakey. It’s not tacky, greasy, oily, or sticky. It doesn’t split, settle in fine lines, or cling to dry skin patches. If you use a good facial serum/oil as a base, this will melt into the skin and actually look like your skin. It’s also moisturizing and not heavy! Highly recommend!

    (Also, I’m a combo of super dry skin with an oily t-zone. I am extremely acne prone, but have no issues with this foundation)

  12. Jordyn S. (verified owner)

    One of the best liquid foundations I have found, and the only that matches my complexion this well! I’m of medium complexion with olive undertones and I go between the toasted almond (in summer/when I’m a bit more tan) and bare with me shades (when my skin is at its natural/paler tone). Stays on all day, is moisturizing without feeling heavy/greasy, and provides a good medium coverage.

  13. Danuta F. (verified owner)

    I love the way this foundation smells, and it blends easily and looks natural!

  14. Michelle D. (verified owner)

    I love this foundation. I use the ‘bare with me’ shade. It blends well and looks natural with my pale skin tone.

  15. Cindy K. (verified owner)

    Super smooth, only need the tiniest amount to cover up the redness on my cheeks. The coverage is perfect.

  16. Suzana G. (verified owner)

    Love the liquid foundation, very light, looks good all day, clean natural look, I wear it daily!

  17. Jan W. (verified owner)

    A little goes a long way. Very natural looking and not heavy. Unusual fragrance.

  18. Ash C. (verified owner)

    i love the finish and wear, but I’m not a fan of the smell

  19. Lauren B. (verified owner)

    amazing buildable coverage

  20. Rylee G. (verified owner)

    AMazing! It literally smells like a birthday cupcake every-time I apply it to my face. The color that I got was a little bit lighter than my actual color but it isn’t a huge deal, the more I blend it out the better the color matches my skin. Thank you Hush and Dotti!

  21. Tessa T. (verified owner)

    In love with how natural the finish is!

  22. Jolie M. (verified owner)

    This is currently my favorite foundation. I have a lot of trouble with color matches as most shades tend to be too ashy or orangey for me. It’s also hard as a WOC to find natural makeup. I’m very happy with Hush + Dotti. The Coco Ono is about as close to my skin as I’ve found so far. It’s a little darker than my real color (but the goldie fawn was too light), but still really nice. It looks natural, and I love how lightweight it is yet lasting throughout the day.

    For reference, I used to wear Bobbi Brown foundation 6.5 (that was more orange and darker than the coco ono). I would say if you’re in the Bobbi Brown 6.25 – 6.5 range, but find the 6.25 has the wrong undertone while the 6.5 has the better undertone but is a little too orange/dark, this should be a great alternative.

  23. Nancy K. (verified owner)

    The color looked too dark when it arrived, but when put on it’s perfect. Thin, but will go on thicker as well. Feels great and so light on my skin. Will definitely be buying this again!

  24. Jessica D. (verified owner)

    Great product love the way it blends and is not heavy on my face

  25. Lexi C. (verified owner)

    Love this foundation! It gives me a soft glow and keeps the shine down. My favorite part is that it’s clean and I know I’m not smearing toxins into my face every time I use it.

  26. Caitlin T. (verified owner)

    Hope this never is discontinued. Only makeup that matches my skin, blends well, and doesn’t make my acne prone sensitive skin break out. I’m allergic to everything so this is perfect and doesn’t have chemicals or junk. I do wish there was a smaller size so I could purchase different tones for the summer.

  27. Lynda P. (verified owner)

    Love everything about it…the way it covers, the color, how it lasts all day. Never looking back!

  28. Matti Y. (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, it has the best coverage and also smells like chocolate which is always a plus! But really, I’ve tried several different non-toxic makeups and this is the best one out there for cover up and staying power

  29. Melissa B. (verified owner)

    Perfect color!! So happy you made an inbetween color!!

  30. Erin P. (verified owner)

    I love the creamy texture and the yummy smell! I feel so much better wearing something that is actually good for my skin, and my skin is happy to – I feel like my complexion has greatly improved since using this make-up!

  31. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    Love this foundation! In my search for a non-toxic foundation, I have tried many organic ones and found them to be too heavy, too thick, too dry, too light, etc. So I continued searching and finally found Hush & Dotti and was pleasantly surprised. This foundation looks and feels perfect! My sensitive skin loves it! I am hooked and very happy my search is over.

  32. Stephanie D. (verified owner)

    Covers the spots I want covered. Gives buildable, breathable coverage.

  33. David R. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed how fast the product shipped and the quality of the product! The makeup wears nicely and I will defineitly be purchasing more.

  34. Stephanie F. (verified owner)

    I love this product, it blends well and is layerable. It doesn’t dry my skin out, but keeps my oily skin at bay. I was looking for a natural product that really works, and I’ve found it.

  35. Shelley H. (verified owner)

    My daughter inspired me to look for non toxic makeup after I developed a precancerous spot on my face. I had worn commercial sunscreen for 30 years and was faithful to my high end foundation. I happened on Hush+Dotti online while searching for a new way to go. I love this stuff more than any foundation I’ve ever used. I couldn’t have figured out the right color without the samples but Hush+Dotti sent samples quickly and What the Buff is perfect. I love the color. I love the way it feels. I love the light lovely scent. Additionally, this foundation is buildable and makes my skin look smooth and even. I think the price is good comparable with the makeup I was using before and the size of the bottle is the normal full size no skimping here. I really like putting something on every day that not only makes my skin look great but also is worry free no chemicals. I can’t say enough good stuff about this foundation!

  36. Sabrina H. (verified owner)

    I love this product. It goes on smoothly and smells like vanilla. I love how it feels on my skin all day long. It does not feel greasy but velvety. I would give it a 5 but I have had some problems with staining on my clothes. So u have to be careful when applying. But even still, I really love this product. Hard to find a natural product that works so well.

  37. Angelica L. (verified owner)

    I love the scent, thought it was too dark for me but it blends well

  38. Diana B. (verified owner)

    It’s very thick and has an odd odor to it.

  39. Sarah F. (verified owner)

    Love this foundation! It feels light, but still has great coverage. It also gives me peace of mind to know that it is toxin free! The fragrance might be the only thing that could possibly be improved.

  40. Melissa B. (verified owner)

    Amazing coverage… and smells delicious!

  41. Carlye I. (verified owner)

    I love this foundation! I use the color “What the Buff,” which is a nice light neutral color. The foundation provides a medium to light coverage. I like the scent, which reminds me of vanilla yogurt. My only complaint, hence the losing a star, is that the black part, at the bottom of the container, flakes off. I end up getting black flecks of paint on my face because it rubs off and transfers from my hands to my face. If the bottle stops having this problem, I will definitely give the product 5 stars.

  42. Lynda P. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. It’s such a natural looking medium coverage that lasts the day.

  43. Cami H. (verified owner)

    Great coverage, and a little pump is all you need. I do, however, wish it was offered in more colors. I am between 2 colors and have to use a bronzer for a little extra color.

  44. Virginia G. (verified owner)

    After deciding to take the plunge and rid my beauty cabinet of all the junk found in most commercial makeup, I found Hush + Dotti. Dina was extremely helpful with picking out the perfect foundation color for my skin type and even placed a rush on creating another small batch as they were currently out of stock when I was ready to order. They crafted the batch that day and made the product available on their website within minutes when I was ready to order. My foundation arrived within just a few days and works perfectly. The coverage lasts all day and does its job. If you’re looking for a awesome natural makeup product, I highly recommend you work with this lovely team.

  45. Austin M. (verified owner)

    Great coverage and feels nice and light!

  46. Annisa S. (verified owner)

    Foundation goes on well, covers my redness but not sure why it doesn’t last all day during work.

  47. Stacy S. (verified owner)

    Creamy, good for sensitive skin, non-drying, natural spf, clean, what more could you want? I have fair to medium skin, green eyesand went with the Bare with me.

  48. Julie M. (verified owner)

    Good foundation, could use more color choices. I mix two together. I also mix in a little moisturizer to make it more wearable. I love the natural ingredients!

  49. Patricia T. (verified owner)

    After ordering my samples to try out the perfect color match, I ordered the full size liquid makeup. My only concern was that it was shipping in a frigid cold snap and was afraid it would be frozen upon arrival. It was Not! So far after using the product, I am happy with color and coverage. Will definately purchase again.

  50. Patricia N. (verified owner)

    This spreads on so easily, a little goes a long way, and it smells refreshing. Doesn’t clog my pores!

  51. Zunita R. (verified owner)

    I bought the Liquid Foundation because I was attracted to Organic & Natural foundation. The texture was okay, it has a smell which I am not sure what smell is it. The coverage was a little bit frustrating, which is not that as good as what I was expecting. I have to use 3 pumps at least to cover my skin perfectly. And the color code is little bit too orange-ish for me, as I have yellow-ish skin tone. It makes my skin darker than original tone.

    Overall, I am very satisfied in terms of ingredients but not really satisfied in terms of performance & the color does not suit me perfectly.

  52. Holly A. (verified owner)

    I love the scent of it and it gives such a pretty dewy finish and buildable coverage.

  53. Caitlin T. (verified owner)

    Ordered full size after trying a sample. No breakouts, matches my skin tone, one pump is enough for my whole face

  54. Ashley U. (verified owner)

    I finally found the right foundation for me! Lightweight, build able coverage, perfect shade and none of the bad stuff- what more could a girl ask for?! 😊

  55. RuthAnn D. (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased. I got 2 samples last year. It helped me decide. I love it.

  56. Paige C. (verified owner)

    Best natural foundation I have ever tried. The customer service is also amazing. I sent my picture in for a color match and the shade that they picked for me is perfect.

  57. Elena B. (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite!!

  58. Haley W. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect shade for my fair skin. Love the coverage and it smells nice too.

  59. Stephanie F. (verified owner)

    I ordered samples first to figure out the right shade. The foundation is light but buildable for more coverage. It is not cakey and controls oil all day long. My skin feels like it can breathe, and looks smooth and clear. I believe in this product, and highly recommend it. The transparent and natural ingredient list is a major plus.

  60. Maria P. (verified owner)

    I’m officially a convert to liquid foundation. Everything about this product is amazing.

  61. Kristina C. (verified owner)

    I stock up on this foundation so I never run out! It’s like liquid gold. Blends so smoothly, sinks into skin so it doesn’t show and still covers acne, dark spots and freckles.

  62. Michelle D. (verified owner)

    I really like the way this foundation feels on my skin. No dry winter skin here. It gives my skin a healthy glow and blends nicely. It has a faint vanilla scent, but goes away quickly after application. I tried samples first before I bought the full size which gave me several days worth of product so I was confident this was my match. And I absolutely love that it’s toxin free.

  63. Andrea A. (verified owner)

    Hush Dotti helped me select the right color for my complexion. I was going with a lighter shade until I broke down and went with the recommended suggestion. So glad I did, it’s blended perfectly!

  64. Denise F. (verified owner)

    It goes on silky, and the color match is perfect. It dries perfectly ready for powder. I really like the creamy feel of the foundation. :))

  65. Kristina G. (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my Holy Grail items! I absolutely love this foundation since I can easily build it up to high medium, almost full coverage. Even when I build up the coverage, it still just looks like my skin, no cakey areas around my mouth or nose. The sweet scent was a little off-putting at first, but it disappears after it sets for a bit. I also appreciate how quickly this foundation sets when I’m rushing to get ready for work. Anything that allows me to sleep an extra five minutes is an A+ in my book. I will definitely be repurchasing this soon, I don’t want to risk running out at any point!

  66. Holli S. (verified owner)

    I love how it blends in perfectly with my skin. Its light and creamy so doesn’t leave my skin feeling like I have a pound of makeup on. I use it everyday along with the mineral foundation. Together its perfection!

  67. Alexandra S. (verified owner)

    I have never worn foundation in my lifetime but I consulted Hush and Dotti to figure out my skin tone and with a kind and gentle approach to my aging skin, I found that this covers my uneven tones and it is refreshing and moisturizing . I have an even glow and never need to reapply throughout the day, not to mention that it smells amazing and I don’t look “made up”

  68. Kristina C. (verified owner)

    This foundation truly transformed my skin! I was red, itchy and reacting to everything chemical, scented, or that had titanium dioxide. I searched so long and tried about 30 different brands to find one that was GF, Vegan, cruelty free, no chemical preservatives, not a lot of essential oils or fragrance, no spf, and that had good coverage and matched my skin color. I honestly thought it didn’t exist, but one day searching online I found this beauty! It DOES exist! I scooped it up and haven’t looked back. My skin is now soft, hydrated, no longer itchy and gives me medium-full coverage. It’s so easy to blend I just put it on with my fingers-no brush needed. It truly is magical!

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